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Refilling Bean Bags

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Refilling Bean Bags

After a while of general day to day use you may find that your bean bag sofa is becoming a bit flat, feeling empty and losing its former levels of comfort, this is due to the beans inside your sofa compressing. This problem is easy to rectify without splashing out on a whole new bean bag sofa! It is simply a matter of refilling your bean bag with new beans.

Loose beans or beans in a sealed liner?

When it comes to refilling your bean bag two options are available. The bean refills are available as loose beans or beans in a sealed liner or net, the choice between the two options will depend on what your bean bag currently uses and whether your sofa just needs a top up of beans for added comfort or a whole new inner refill. Loose beans are ideal if your bean bag just needs a slight top up, or your bean bag sofa gives you access to the inner bags of beans and can often work out cheaper.

Due to the variety of bean bags that are available some refill options will be unsuitable for some of the shapes and structures of bean bags. Larger cuboid style bean bag sofas will be easy to top up with sealed, shaped bags of beans whereas on the other end loose beans are perfect for the simple, unstructured, flexible bean bags.  

If your bean bag sofa is used by children then it is strongly recommended due to the choking hazards of the beans that any beans in the bean bag are sealed and this should be considered when purchasing bean bag refills.  It is also very tempting for children to unzip the cover of a bean bag and empty out all of the loose beans!