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Choosing A Bean Bag Sofa

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Choosing A Bean Bag Sofa

Now you have decided you wish to buy a bean bag sofa you now have the task of choosing one. If you have something in mind, a particular colour scheme in your room or garden or the purpose of the bean bag then it will probably be an easier task. However, for those who just want to enjoy the comfort of a bean bag sofa it may be more difficult to choose one that suits you and your home perfectly!

It is easy to narrow down the hundreds of options that are available to you by giving some consideration to the way you will be using your bean bag sofa

Indoors or outdoors?

Will you be using your bean bag sofa indoors to relax on, perhaps as an alternative to a sofa bed or even as a gaming chair? Or are you going to be more likely to want to use your bean bag sofa outside during the summer whilst socialising with friends, having a barbecue and enjoying the summer?
The main difference between outdoor and indoor bean bags is the outer material. Outdoor bean bag sofas tend to be water resistant with tougher fabrics to prevent rips and tears on the rougher ground outside. These can be considered the more versatile option as you will be able to take your sofa and use it inside, making them great value for money. Indoor bean bags tend to have removable, washable covers and added extras such as foam padding and contouring for ultimate comfort.

Faux Leather vs. Cotton

Once you have decided on the main purpose of your new bean bag sofa you will then be able to take a look at the huge range of covers, fabrics and styles that are available, potentially the most fun part of choosing your bean bag!
Although there is a huge range of bean bag sofa fabrics available the most commonly available are faux leather and cotton. After considering your personal preferences and planned usage of the sofa it can be easy to decide which fabric of the two you would prefer to buy.

If you are looking for a bright coloured or patterned bean bag, perhaps for a gaming or child’s room then you are likely to require a cotton bean bag as faux leather tends to be only available in shades of brown and black.

A bean bag that is going to be used by a child will often need to be washed or cleaned in some way. A faux leather bean bag can be considered the easiest option of the two as it can be simply wiped clean although it is always possible to get a cotton bean bag sofa with a removable, washable cover.

If you are planning on using your bean bag sofa as a cheaper alternative to a normal sofa for a living area without sacrificing on comfort or style then you should take a look at the many faux leather bean bag sofas that are available.